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Mobile: 9183 4920
Email: sales@boxboss.com.sg
Website: www.boxboss.com.sg

    Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs to help you understand us more!

1.    What products can I sell? Any restriction?
Only authentic and licensed products can be sold. For products that come in contact with the body, we will need an approval from HSA.

2.    What is the minimum contract period?
There is no minimum contract. However to terminate, you will need to give us a one month notice period.

3.    How do I get my sales proceeds?
We will transfer your monthly sales amount to your bank account by the 14th of the following month.   

4.    Is there any age restrictions?
Yes. If you are below 21 years old, you will need someone about 21 years old to sign the contract together with you.

5.    What are the boxes available?
To know the boxes available, please visit our outlet to enquire.

6.    What are the sizes of the box?
We have several box sizes which is approximately 45cm(width)x40cm(depth)x35cm(height) to 45cm(width)x40cm(depth)x90cm(height).

7.    Are we in charge of our box decoration?

8.    Do we set the price of our products?

9.    Must we place any security deposit?
Yes, one month rental deposit will be collected

10.    Can I put my website or namecards in my box?

11.    How do I check my sales?
You will be given an ID  and password to login to our website to check your sales real time.

12.    Do we have to absorb the NETs transaction cost?

13.    How do I terminate the contract?
To terminate your contract, you will need to give us a one month notice period.

14.    When can I stock up my box?
Weekdays 1030am to 12noon, or after 9pm