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Mobile: 9183 4920
Email: sales@boxboss.com.sg
Website: www.boxboss.com.sg

    About Us

Box Boss is a different kind of retail concept that allows entrepreneurs in Singapore to have a retail presence without the need to maintain a high rental and staffing cost. We aim to help online retailers, new entrepreneurs to showcase their product in a proper retail space at a very affordable price. Through this avenue, more people will be able to realize their dream of becoming a “shop owner”. This is 100% hassle free as we will help our merchants sell their products with our own sales staff.

  • Location, you can’t go wrong in a  Matured estate’s Mall
  • Be informed, View your daily sales report anytime you want.
  • Trustworthy, We always settle your payment on time.
  • Motivated sales staff, We will do the selling for you.